Build the well before you need the water.

—Pamela Nelson

We are dedicated to the details.

DRG has been negotiating with top global brands for over 21 years. Whether investor, landlord or tenant, our clients benefit from our ability to understand what drives lease negotiations from multiple perspectives. For our investors and landlords we strive to procure leases with credit tenants at market rates in order to improve the underwriting, refinance and NOI for owned real estate. On the tenant side, we work to find locations that meet our client's expansion plans, minimize occupancy costs and gain advantages over their competition. These are the detailed and basic functions of our core landlord and tenant offerings. Our Premium Leasing Service (PLS) includes our collaboration with your real estate department and legal team to perform various strategic, technical and administrative tasks related to: proposals, letters of intent, lease negotiation, lease renewals, lease amendments, lease management and prospect tracking through the use of our CRM.