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The Denver Retail Group, LLC (DRG) provides targeted commercial and mixed-use leasing services to real estate investment trusts (REITS) and other owners of real estate in the private sector and public sector.



Create a 24 hour life cycle for your real estate.

DRG is a thought leader in this field. Our network of tenants and market analytics help to expand the prominence of your project well beyond one-stop shopping. A successful mixed-use project is used by its primary market customer over 6 times a week.



Elevate the passenger experience.

DRG helps airports convert KPIs into strategic directives that positively influence concession development and increase sales. We help airports design and manage programs that improve concession sales, customer service, operations and brand delivery. Our area of expertise in the airport space in concession master planning, customer service, passenger experience programming and property management software.


Food halls

Drive sales through great dining and increased dwell time.

DRG recognizes that artisans, restaurants and bars are a true representation of a food culture and community. We work with developers on new projects as well as re-developing existing ones. Our unique food/market halls strategies include a hands-on approach from our team of architects, designers, engineers, event programmers, and special-venue property management specialists.



Experiential retail is alive and well!

DRG sources engaging and forward-thinking retail solutions. The lines between the high street and high-speed internet are blurring more every single day. We will help you find the immediate retail opportunities in your market that will create consistent visits from your customers.



We are dedicated to the details.

DRG has been negotiating with top global brands for over 22 years. We are objective in our approach to market analysis and demographic study. We deliver a sustainable, long-term solution to a wide audience of visitors to your property.


Merchandise Strategy

One size does not fit all!

DRG utilizes an “outside-in” approach to the assessment of market opportunities as it pertains to property and tenant merchandise strategy. We strive to unearth the retail and food and beverage gems that fit the unique attributes of your project.


Landlord Representation

Expand your daily efficiencies by working with the experts.

DRG is an expert landlord representative. We provide strength and support to your team in the following areas; broker management, budgeting, demographic analysis, design review, leasing, marketing, project feasibility studies and site assessment.


Tenant Representation

 Our resources are always at work for you.

DRG leverages its national market and property evaluation software and leasing negotiating experience to benefit our tenant clients. We are experts in understanding the complexity of commercial leases and demographics. We help our tenant clients develop quantitative and scalable site criteria to make informed business decisions.


Competitive Market Analysis

We focus on market influences so you can drive business.

Landlords and tenants can never understand enough about their market, its residents, employees or the competition. Given our multi-disciplinary consultancy, we utilize various sources of data to help us understand your specific market’s consumer spending habits.


Customer Segmentation

Better understanding leads to engaged interaction and better sales.

DRG offers its clients and industry peers segmented customer insights on a project by project basis. We are adept at assessing the demographic correlation between unique customer traits and what they buy. This analysis is utilized for our airport, landlord and tenant clients as a standard feature of our consultancy.

We want to hear about your vision for your property. Contact us so that we can bring that vision to life.

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